The weather is hot, but frequent power outages make many families uncomfortable. In order to solve the above, more and more people are choosing to use a home generator. Should you choose a gasoline or diesel generator, 1 phase, 2 phase or 3 phase? Please refer to the top 7 generators worth buying in 2021 to choose a product that works well, saves energy effectively and is affordable.

What is a generator? Reasons to choose a home generator

What is a generator?

Generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Primary mechanical energy sources can be steam turbine engines, wind turbines, water turbines, internal combustion engines or other sources of mechanical energy.

All current popular generators use mechanical power from internal combustion engines. These engines are mainly powered by gasoline, oil or gas.

In addition to generating electricity, it also performs other roles such as rectification and voltage correction.

Reasons to choose a home generator

  • In case of long-term power failure in severe weather conditions such as high winds or lightning, damaging the power network.
  • Generators provide a stable source of electricity for peak seasons, when overloading causes power to flicker.
  • You are working or operating a home-based business, need to ensure the continuous operation of electronic devices such as desktop computers, laptops, printers, Wifi …
  • Help store food for longer as the generator can keep the refrigerator running for days in an emergency.
    Owning a home generator will be more secure because the device ensures a light source or serves the needs of entertainment, camping, outdoor events.

The generator capacity needs to be suitable

The first thing to do when buying a generator is to estimate the number of devices that will be used when the power goes out, to calculate the total power consumption. From there, select equipment with appropriate capacity, avoiding overload, short-circuiting, and burning of items connected to the generator. And products with a capacity higher than the actual capacity of 10% – 25% are the perfect choice.

It is recommended to choose a generator with a capacity higher than the actual consumption capacity from 10% – 25% to increase life and durability

If you only need a generator to light, use a fan and turn on the TV, then you only need a small and medium capacity from 2kW to 4 kW. If you want to use more power-hungry equipment such as air conditioners, you should choose a larger capacity from 4 kW to 6 kW. The machine should have a safety factor of about 1.1 (ask a consultant for guidance) to avoid electrical overload.

Do not choose a generator for the family with too high a capacity, because it will lead to high cost, fuel consumption and easy reduction of life. Choose gasoline-powered 4-stroke generators that do not make noise when operating or emit smoke. Generators with 2-stroke engines have a louder bang and more smoke when starting the engine.

Stay away from generators of unknown origin

Who doesn’t like to buy products at a great price, right? However, if you choose a generator of unknown origin, without a warranty, then even if you save the initial cost, you will also spend billions of other fees. Because machines that do not belong to a well-known brand will not guarantee the safety of household electrical appliances, moreover, the machine can be very fuel efficient. Besides, the type of generator that is not guaranteed or used will cause much louder noise, causing trouble for your own family as well as neighboring neighbors.。

Which type of home generator should you choose to buy?

Well-known brands, but Cumming, Honda, Hyundai … are often the first choice for families who do not care much about price. If finances are tighter, domestically assembled machines using Honda engines such as Huu Toan brand are also quite good.

Top 7 best home generators in 2021

Hyundai 2.3kW HY30CLE household generator – VND 8,990,000
Generator type: Gasoline powered

Continuous use of the machine: 10 hours

Cylinder capacity: 196cc

Power used: 2.3kW

Maximum power: 2.6kW

Dimensions: 610x490x490mm

Number of phases: 1 phase

Noise level: 74dB(A)

Weight: 50kg

Brand: Korea

Hyundai HY30CLE gasoline generator with powerful engine, safe solution when power failure

Hyundai HY30CLE is a device that operates with a continuous capacity of 2.3kW so that it can run many home appliances at the same time. The household generator provides a single-phase 220V/50Hz voltage source, which can work continuously for 10 hours. Fuel tank capacity up to 13 liters operating with strong capacity can be started by electric starter or detonation easily.

Hyundai 6kW HY9000LE gasoline generator – VND 23,900,000
Generator type: Gasoline powered

Continuous use (50% CS): 16 hours

Cylinder capacity: 420cc

Power used: 2.5 KVA (6.0Kw)

Maximum power: 2.8 KVA (6.6kW)

Dimensions: 670x540x555 mm

Number of phases: 1 phase

Noise level: 75dB(A)

Weight: 86 kg

Brand: Korea

Generator 6kW Hyundai HY9000LE

The Hyundai HY9000LE 6kW generator can operate stably continuously for 22 hours, meeting the needs of the family. Single-phase gasoline engine, maximum capacity of up to 6.6kW to operate all equipment even refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines… The machine works to save fuel, long life, and is environmentally friendly. Suitable for households or small businesses.

Hyundai HY7000LE 1-phase generator – VND 21,900,000
Generator type: Gasoline powered

Continuous use of the machine: 22 hours

Cylinder capacity: 389cc

Power used: 5.0kW

Maximum power: 5.5kW

Dimensions: 670x540x555 mm

Number of phases: 1 phase

Noise level: 75dB(A)

Weight: 82 kg

Brand: Korea

Korean technology 5kW home generator from Hyundai HY7000LE

Gasoline generator Hyundai HY7000LE manufactured under modern technology of Korea. It is a safe solution for offices and families when there is a power outage. Petrol engine with 22 liter fuel tank consumes about 2.68 liters per hour to ensure continuous operation. Household generators provide electricity for household electrical appliances or appliances with a total operating capacity of less than 5kW.

2.5kW Hyundai HY3100LE starter generator – VND 11,900,000
Generator type: Gasoline powered

Continuous use of the machine: 22 hours

Cylinder capacity: 196cc

Power used: 2.5kW

Maximum power: 2.8kW

Dimensions: 610x490x490 mm

Number of phases: 1 phase

Noise level: 68dB(A)

Weight: 43kg

Brand: Korea

Hyundai 2.5kW HY3100LE starter generator with low noise, easy to use

The Hyundai HY3100LE starter generator has a fuel tank that can hold a lot of gasoline with a capacity of 13 liters and a consumption of only 1.3 liters / hour. This helps to optimize fuel costs but still ensures that the machine operates stably and continuously for many hours. The machine is also equipped with an environmentally friendly, noise-proof cover to create favorable conditions when starting the machine and using it.

Diesel generator Hyundai DHY6000SE – VND 38,900,000
Generator type: Oil-powered

Continuous use of the machine: 16h

Cylinder capacity: 212cc

Power used: 5kW

Maximum power: 5.5kW

Dimensions: 920x520x760 mm

Number of phases: 1 phase

Noise level: 68dB(A)

Weight: 160 kg

Brand: Korea

Hyundai DHY6000SE diesel generator with large fuel tank, easy to move

With a sturdy frame design, including wheels, make the Hyundai DHY6000SE Diesel Generator convenient to move. The large fuel tank and large lubricating oil tank protect the equipment and make the generator run smoothly. At the same time, the built-in air-cooling feature prolongs the life of the device.

Home generator Hyundai DHY6000LE 5kW – VND 35,450,000
Generator type: Oil-powered

Continuous use of the machine: 13 hours

Cylinder capacity:

Power used: 5kW

Maximum power: 5.8kW

Dimensions: 720x480x600 mm

Number of phases: 1 phase

Noise level: 79dB(A)

Weight: 116 kg

Brand: Korea

Hyundai 5kW generator with strong and durable engine

The diesel generator Hyundai DHY6000LE is a 4-stroke, easy-to-use engine. The machine operates with a continuous capacity of 5kW and can reach a maximum of 5.8kW with a continuous use time of up to 13 hours.

Huu Toan Generator HG2900
Generator type: Gasoline powered

Cylinder capacity: 163cc

Power used: 2kW

Maximum power: 2.3kW

Dimensions: 635x425x475 mm

Number of phases: 1 phase

Noise level: 65dB

Weight: 48 kg

Brand: Vietnam

Huu Toan generator with top quality Honda engine

The generator uses a high-quality Vietnamese-branded 4-stroke Honda engine. Compact size is equipped with a cooling system to prolong the life of the machine. In addition, the machine operates with low noise, quiet and stable operation with a continuous capacity of 2kW.

A few notes in the process of using a home generator

– Turn off the engine before refueling to avoid causing a fire. Use only the type of fuel recommended by the generator manual or listed on the engine label.

Even if you don’t use it often, you should start the machine 5-10 minutes/week.

– From 50 to 100 hours of running the machine, first check the oil level, water, fan belt tension. After 500 hours of running the machine, check and clean the cooling system, change the oil and filter.

Example Site – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Choose a home generator how many kw is enough?

If your family only uses for lighting needs, you only need to use a generator of at least 2kW.

2. Can household generators use air conditioners?

For appliances that consume a lot of power such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., generators with a high capacity of over 4kW can be met. To see more information about home generators, you can refer to the article above.

3. What type of generator should a household use?

There are many famous brands in the country and the world that produce household generators. For example, Hyundai, Honda, Huu Toan, … you can see the above article to refer to some popular models today.

4. Should you use a home generator?

Buying a generator for your family helps you ensure a stable power source, especially in the current sunny season. In addition, the generator also minimizes the delay in operation for business households or those who work from home when the power is out.